Case studies

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Case studies of the first cycle in 2015 (see methodology)

Case Classcraft

This free online, educational role-playing game allows teachers and students to play together in the classroom. By playing, teachers don’t change what they teach, they supercharge how they teach it, while fostering real collaboration, getting students motivated and making managing classroom behavior effortless.

In 2015, 75000 learners, 2000 teachers.

Traces :
Logs, custom google analytics, commentaries.


Case LIF3

Computer science classes for undergraduates in Lyon (about 100 students every year).

Self evaluation exercices such as MCQ, online.

Traces :
– exercices (exercice content and model…)
– learner ID
– Answers and diagnosis (answers, scores, …)

The course…

Case Met-toi-à-table !

Serious game played by 56 students age 14-15  in 2015 in Lyon. Nutrition in biology, history and geography.

Students played each 5 games in class by teams of 4 on tablet computers.

Traces :
Activity traces, timestamp, ressources.

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MOOC to learn how to make a MOOC  (2500 learners, 3 teachers in 2015). A 5 week course : 5 hours of video anbd between 20 and 40 hours of homework.

Project-based learning. 

Traces :
– Self-reported data from questionnaire.
– Logs : Timestamp, user ID, ressource ID, video, quizz, forum.


Cas Openclassrooms

OpenClassrooms is a European leader in MOOCs. 3 million people take their courses every month. The courses are open and free.

MOOCS on web  development (14000 learners per month, 1 teacher).

Video, Text, Quiz  and activities (alone or in groups) to make a web site. Duration : 45 minutes per week over 4 weeks.

Traces :
– logs
– exercices
– forums
– self-reported data (age, sex, studies, level, localisation…)

Lien vers le cours…


First of Health studies in Grenoble (1700 students in 2014/2015 et 20 teachers).

In class and online, full time over a year.

Flipped classroom (including training MCQ, online questions about the courses, courses on CD, ).

Traces :
– questions asked by students about CD courses.
– MCQ answers.
– Final results.

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Case Tactileomap

This web application designed for digital tablets enables teachers to create location-based games for primary and secondary education.

A geomedia serious game in mixed reality (learners go in the field, with tablets).

Traces :
Activity traces : timestamp, geolocalized actions and products (sounds, drawings, texts, audio…).

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Case Tamagocours

Serious game for learning about copyrights and teaching exceptions, used in Lyon with about 200 learners per year.

Played bu teams of 3 for about 2 hours.

Traces :
– chat (manually coded)
– logs: timestamp, used id, group id, action id, ressource id

Pour en savoir plus…


Tests in sciences et technologies to teste level of student entenring Grenoble University (1000 students per year, 10 teachers).

Online MCQ (mostly answered in class).

Traces :
Logs, answers.

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