The objective of the Hubble project is to create a national observatory for the building and sharing of massive data analysis processes, from traces left in e-learning environments. Hubble will enable to analyze and explain phenomena of teaching and learning with these environments.
For who ?
Teachers, designers, administrators or policymakers, may use the processes and results of analyzes of activity traces, to improve their environment and for making decisions.
The project will offer ways to:

  • describe and implement the changes / requests / calculations of indicators / viewing of traces.
  • collect and model traces.
  • describe the process of analysis for various decision-making actors.

For researchers, the project involves knowledge building on:

  • models, methods and strategies in the field of learning traces.
  • phenomena related to the use of e-learning systems or associated new pedagogies.

Researchers will also benefit from the builfing of a national community the Hubble project aims at, on the theme of “Learning Analytics” and its standing at the European and international levels.
The project’s technological objectives are:

  1. The pooling of experience on viewing platforms and analysis in order to enable sharing, capitalization and use of traces, tools and analysis processes.
  2. Usability of the analysis processes for those users who wish to re-use them.
  3. The redeployment of the analysis processes for decision-making of institutional actors in their usual environments.
  4. Compliance with ethical rules defined by the ethics committee that will be created during the project.